‘words fail me’ by Chris T-T

Last Monday saw the highly acclaimed Chris T-T hit the L&F stage as part of his ‘Words Fail Me’ tour. Upon arrival to Cellar 35 we were met with a somewhat disfunctional stage. One which, well… It looked like this –



Indeed. I suppose in any other situation, i would have probably freaked out, but you see… For the past year Chris T-T has been taking photographs of every toilet he has visited and is hopefully going to be putting a book together of said toilets. It’s going to be called “a year in loo” and when it is out you should buy it!

Back to the night. Supporting him on the bill was the brilliant Davy Shanks and the beautiful Fiona Keenan. It was a truly great line up and in a packed out Cellar, the evening carried an incredible vibe from start to finish. This couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the wondeful people who came down and showed their support to these fantastic musicians, so thank you.

Here are some photos of how the evening looked 🙂








Thank you to the gorgeous Samantha Glick for taking photos on the night. And again to everyone who came along. Looks like the party rings are still going down a treat! –


Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 7th) we’re back down in Cellar 35 for Esperi + Daniel G Harmann : )


L&F love to you,


Amanda xx


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I asked for a poster, and this is what i got.

Sometimes it’s really great having an artist as a partner. THANKS SARAH.


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Daniel G Harmann + Esperi – Tuesday 7th June

On Tuesday 7th June – check this out!


Once described as “rainy day makeout music,” Daniel G Harmann is just that. To sum up his music, think of it as that time you went to that house party in the middle of nowhere. Where you and your mates were lying on a trampoline at 5am, talking about life, using phrases like, “when this all blows over…” and “when we’re old…” whilst watching the sun rise over fields. That is pretty much Daniel G Harmann. Bloody good really. I cannot actually wait to wipe his merch table clean.

Check his stuff out here – http://www.hellotower.com/

Welcoming back to the Lost & Found stage, this time as a headliner, we present to you the wonderful Esperi. Esperi is a species of fresh water snail. It is also the name of an exciting musician who is most definitely worth all the attention he’s been receiving of late. Armed with more instruments than your local music shop, you are guaranteed Esperi will dish up some tasty treats for your ears and mind. Imagine early morning walks by the sea on a freshly made Sunday. Before a cheeky pint of IPA in the local of course.


Supporting these wonderful musicians are local favourites –

Sarah J Stanleyhttp://www.sarahjstanley.bandcamp.com/


I urge you to check everyone out who is playing on this bill. It’s going to be bloody ace!

Cellar 35


L&F love,


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Kathryn Sawers.

Intimate is a word. The only word that can describe how the gig on Saturday night in Project Slogan was. Crammed from wall to wall, the people of Aberdeen came in herds all with one intention. To swoon and coo over the beautifully talented Kathryn Sawers. Those who know of Kathryn’s work will know her appearances on stage are fair and few. Not to mention infront of a real piano too, thus providing the perfect setting for an intimate and rare performance from the lovely lady herself.  With support from the incredibly talented Fiona Keenan, and the wonderful Sarah J Stanley. It was a perfect night had by all.
Here are some photos from the evening. To those who were there, i can but only apologise about how bloody warm it was! Like i said, intimate is a word. 🙂

Big thank you to everyone who came along on the night. Extra special thank you to Dana Swanson for taking these beautiful photos and helping to document the night. Much appreciated! And to Fiona Keenan, Sarah J Stanley and of course, Kathryn Sawers.

Lots of L&F love,


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Chris T-T

This is going to be an absolute treat! The end of this month sees the fantastic Chris T-T come back to Aberdeen on a massive UK tour to support his recent release on Xtra Mile (home to Frank Turner, Dive Dive and local band The Xcerts), the brand spanking new “Words Fail Me” EP.

With local finger picking support from the wonderful Fiona Keenan and delicious Davy Shanks too! Wonderful stuff.

Now.. Here’s what the people think about him –

The Guardian –

“The genius of Chris T-T’s songwriting is his ability to humanise even the most outlandish conceits. They seem instead like brilliant ideas that no-one else could’ve come up with.”

Steve Lamacq – Radio 2 –

“Chris T-T is a man that we would trust with our lives. If he was standing for Mayor of London, I’d vote for him.”

Artrocker –

“Heartbreaking. Chris T-T can draw the poison and heal the wounds, simply by singing from his heart. It’s evocative, elegant and funny. How often can you say that about a record these days?”

The Fly –

“T-T puts the lyrical boot in with righteous wit and scathing laser-sighted accuracy. Listen to Chris T-T, he talks sense.”

This is set to be a great night. Please do come on down and support your local musicians, venues and promoters! WIN!

L&F love

Amanda xx

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Coming up: Kathryn Sawers + Fiona Keenan + Sarah J Stanley

Hello hello,

After a hectic move of house, i am happy to announce an up and coming gig for y’all to attend. Check it out –

Once named as, and i quote, “the three most terrifying and powerful women in Aberdeen” i am truly proud to have this line up together for one evening.

Anyone who has seen Kathryn Sawers before will understand how difficult it is to describe her music. It’s more than just music. It’s a performance as well. A musical performance that is haunting yet beautiful. Intriguing yet vulnerable. You just have to see her to understand what s…he’s all about. Her infequent appearances have left her with a fantastic following in the city and rightly so.

Fiona Keenan is another fantastic catch in the Aberdeen music scene. I’m continually blown away with her ability as a musician and i urge you all to buy everything on her bandcamp. It’s all ACE.

Sarah J Stanley is an incredible talent who continues to amaze me. Her music is genuinely “the tits.” Her stage banter is pretty good too.

Please do come along to this evening and support your local musicians, promoters and art gallery. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the ongoing exhibiton just now, Zerioz Bizniz. PHEW! That’s a whole loada culture for one evening.

L&F love,




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Mark McCabe + PJ Bond @ Cellar 35

Mark McCabe is a very dear friend of LoSt & FoUnDs. If you look over the past couple of years, his face and name appears more times than it probably should! Only joking. We love him here, and on Sunday night he kicked off his 30 date European tour with american folkster PJ Bond, in the one and only Cellar 35. Support for the night came in the form of poetry from myself and the wonderful Sarah J Stanley.  It was the perfect way to end a weekend and the best way to start a new week all at the same time. With minimal lighting and tealights to keep cosy by, this is how the night looked.








Thank you to everyone who came down and made this night really great. Thanks to Mark and PJ Bond and Sarah j Stanley and Cellar 35 for everything. Big thanks to Danny for doing sound on the night. The poor boy had just driven all the way back from down south to do sound for us that evening when he really could have done with his bed. And we are as always, forever grateful for your mastering. It’s okay though, cos i bought him a bru and he was fit as a cranky bastarding fiddle afterwards. 😉


p.s – Noose & Monkey do a bloody good burger!


L&F love xx


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