NEW SHOW! + some news…

Okay, so bad news first? We’re moving to Glasgow 😦 i know it’s rubbish, and i wish it wasn’t happening but work commitments and general life things are making it happen. BUT. Do not fret! We are still going to be putting shows on in Aberdeen. And in the coming months we’ll be putting shows on in Glasgow too! So tell all your weegie friend’s we’re coming for them!

Now, moving onwards, we have a new show to announce! It’s on 7th April and although it will be our last show for a wee while, it will be an absolute blinder! It’s at the ever so lovely Project Slogan, and it is going to feature, Esperi, I Build Collapsible Mountains, and Ashley Park.

Some blurbs can be found below:

Esperi is Scottish multi-instrumentalist Chris Lee-Marr. His songs and indeed sounds are both thought provoking and incredibly uplifting. Having already supported the likes of Johnny Flynn and Olof Arnolds, Esperi is ready to take his wonderful music to a larger audience.

His music ranges from acoustic storytelling to colourful electronica looping and combining different sounds with his acoustic guitar. He uses a host of instruments from the conventional to the unusual including his signature rainbow-coloured bells, which he plays with his feet! He writes about his home, his dogs and his family. There are no airs or graces, he just writes about things as they are.

“juxtaposing acoustic guitar and a whole host of odd instruments and percussion, Esperi main man Chris LeeMarr seems to be making all the right waves” – THE LIST

I Build Collapsible Mountains is the solo project of Scottish musician Luke G Joyce. Former front man of post-rock band The Gothenburg Address, this new undertaking follows a more subdued affair with Luke returning to his roots as a singer-songwriter..

”His music is what I like to listen to when I’m come home from a mad day’s work. ”To the Dark” is a song I keep on repeat for about six plays then I’m happy to continue with the rest of the album. There is no semblance to this music. It’s sincere and radiates an assuring warmth. ” – The Guardian.

SUPPORT for these two wonderful musicians comes in the form of Aberdeen local artist Ashley Park.

Tickets will be £6 and on sale closer to the event date, so keep you eye out for that!

lots of love,L&F xx


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