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This is the Kit @ Project Slogan

This is the Kit are one of our favourite bands here at Lost and Found, so when the opportunity arose to put them on a gig in Aberdeen, we jumped and screamed like Take That fans in the 90s, put on all their records and then eventually settled down and emailed them back in a professional manner.

The gig was a sell out. Packed into our favourite independent gallery come coffee shop, Project Slogan, away from the blustery North East wintry weather, we sat like school children at assembly and listened to the simply effortless and flawless vocals of This is the Kit. With minimal percussion and beautiful melodies, they swooned us (as if we needed swooned) and made us feel cosy and giddy inside. Something worth noting also, is lead singer Kate Stables witty banter between songs, keeping the mood of the evening lighthearted and warming to all. Supporting them on the night was the incredible Greg Ashby. Something i really like about music is you never know what you are going to hear, and Greg was just that. His voice was interesting yet beautiful and endearing, and with backing vocals coming from This is the Kit, his set made for the perfect accompaniment to the evenings proceedings. Finally, our local support came in the form of Sarah J Stanley, who was well received as always and complimented the evening beautifully.

We took some photos throughout the night, as well as some videos. Head over to the live @ lost & found page and check out the videos. Photos are below!

Thank you so much to everyone who came, and to This is the Kit, Greg Ashby and Sarah J Stanley for playing. Here’s a sneaky video of This is the Kit from the night. More available on the live @ lost & found page.

L&F love xx


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