A Somewhat Belated Post..

There are no excuses for the lateness of this post so let’s just cut to the chase. The wonderful Esperi came up to Aberdeen on 7th June and made lots of noise. Supporting him was Seattle based wonder Daniel G Harmann, and local talents Sarah J Stanley and tomthenoisemonger. It was a really really lovely night that was well received by a’body. I even got a handmade CD case with a dinosaur on it (thanks Halina). I do love dinosaurs.

Starting off the night was the wonderful talent that is tomthenoisemonger. We’d never actually had Tom play at Lost & Found before so it was great to see him receive such a warm reception : ) Next up we had the ever so talented Sarah J Stanley. Testing out her new tenor uke, she made lots of incredible music and swooned the crowd as always. A double headliner saw Daniel G Harmann hit the stage first, giving us beautiful songs about love and life and all that other important stuff.  Finally, finishing off the evening was the superbly talented Chris Lee-Mar aka Esperi. Chris continues to blow my mind every time i see him play. A perfect blend of old songs and brand new ones made me realise how much stronger he is getting with every route he takes. A gentleman and pleasure to work with, he’ll be making an appearance on our stage again before the year is through.

For now, here are some photos of the night…








Thank you to Jenni Marchant for taking photos on the night and to everyone who came along.


L&F love xx


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