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Coming up: Kathryn Sawers + Fiona Keenan + Sarah J Stanley

Hello hello,

After a hectic move of house, i am happy to announce an up and coming gig for y’all to attend. Check it out –

Once named as, and i quote, “the three most terrifying and powerful women in Aberdeen” i am truly proud to have this line up together for one evening.

Anyone who has seen Kathryn Sawers before will understand how difficult it is to describe her music. It’s more than just music. It’s a performance as well. A musical performance that is haunting yet beautiful. Intriguing yet vulnerable. You just have to see her to understand what s…he’s all about. Her infequent appearances have left her with a fantastic following in the city and rightly so.

Fiona Keenan is another fantastic catch in the Aberdeen music scene. I’m continually blown away with her ability as a musician and i urge you all to buy everything on her bandcamp. It’s all ACE.

Sarah J Stanley is an incredible talent who continues to amaze me. Her music is genuinely “the tits.” Her stage banter is pretty good too.

Please do come along to this evening and support your local musicians, promoters and art gallery. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the ongoing exhibiton just now, Zerioz Bizniz. PHEW! That’s a whole loada culture for one evening.

L&F love,





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