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Mark McCabe + PJ Bond @ Cellar 35

Mark McCabe is a very dear friend of LoSt & FoUnDs. If you look over the past couple of years, his face and name appears more times than it probably should! Only joking. We love him here, and on Sunday night he kicked off his 30 date European tour with american folkster PJ Bond, in the one and only Cellar 35. Support for the night came in the form of poetry from myself and the wonderful Sarah J Stanley.  It was the perfect way to end a weekend and the best way to start a new week all at the same time. With minimal lighting and tealights to keep cosy by, this is how the night looked.








Thank you to everyone who came down and made this night really great. Thanks to Mark and PJ Bond and Sarah j Stanley and Cellar 35 for everything. Big thanks to Danny for doing sound on the night. The poor boy had just driven all the way back from down south to do sound for us that evening when he really could have done with his bed. And we are as always, forever grateful for your mastering. It’s okay though, cos i bought him a bru and he was fit as a cranky bastarding fiddle afterwards. 😉


p.s – Noose & Monkey do a bloody good burger!


L&F love xx



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