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HELP! Mark McCabe’s Moving to France and He Doesn’t Know French!!!

A somewhat belated post as our dear Mark is now living in Paris, but it’s here now and that’s all that matters. As the catchy title of this post tells you, our good friend and L&F veteran moved to France a wee while ago. T0 see him off LoSt & FoUnD decided to put on a special little goodbye gig for him at our good friend Sarah’s gallery Project Slogan. The night was of course French themed with baguettes, crossiants, garlic, onions, french sing a longs, and of course, a real life snail race! Mark even recieved a top saying “J’aime Le Verge” (Loves the Cock). Pictures are still being sourced from the night so if you are reading this and have some, please do send me them at: But until then, here are some pictures of the beautiful Mark McCabe and his wonderful friends…







WAYHEY for Mark McCabe! We miss you Mark. Come home and play.

L&F love to you



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Updates From the Past Wee While…

So, it has been a wee whiley since anything was updated on here. So let’s start from where i last ended… Birthday party. What a hoot that was! Mark McCabe, Sarah J Tingle, and Nicky Cairney all played their beautiful music to our beautiful audience and we all got very drunk. Sarah played Pass the Parcel during her set, which was (as you could imagine) incredible! Nicky’s guitarist Mhairi won a duck ornament from it. Ha. Then came the raffle. For the raffle we made this…



Ohh yeahh… We made a giant party ring. TWO in fact. One to celebrate with and one to raffle off. It was AMAZING! Everyone had a piece and we all sang Happy Birthday and blew out a candle and it was just beautiful. The kind man who won the party ring had never been to L&F before and he was nice enough to share his ring with everyone. DOUBLE HELPINGS!! It was ace. PLUS! It actually tasted LIKE a Party Ring!!! Woop Woop!!!!

We had pictures from the past year scattered everywhere and it was all very fun and emotional and drunken! As every LoSt & FoUnD has been and still is…
Love L&F xx

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