NEW SHOW! + some news…

Okay, so bad news first? We’re moving to Glasgow 😦 i know it’s rubbish, and i wish it wasn’t happening but work commitments and general life things are making it happen. BUT. Do not fret! We are still going to be putting shows on in Aberdeen. And in the coming months we’ll be putting shows on in Glasgow too! So tell all your weegie friend’s we’re coming for them!

Now, moving onwards, we have a new show to announce! It’s on 7th April and although it will be our last show for a wee while, it will be an absolute blinder! It’s at the ever so lovely Project Slogan, and it is going to feature, Esperi, I Build Collapsible Mountains, and Ashley Park.

Some blurbs can be found below:

Esperi is Scottish multi-instrumentalist Chris Lee-Marr. His songs and indeed sounds are both thought provoking and incredibly uplifting. Having already supported the likes of Johnny Flynn and Olof Arnolds, Esperi is ready to take his wonderful music to a larger audience.

His music ranges from acoustic storytelling to colourful electronica looping and combining different sounds with his acoustic guitar. He uses a host of instruments from the conventional to the unusual including his signature rainbow-coloured bells, which he plays with his feet! He writes about his home, his dogs and his family. There are no airs or graces, he just writes about things as they are.

“juxtaposing acoustic guitar and a whole host of odd instruments and percussion, Esperi main man Chris LeeMarr seems to be making all the right waves” – THE LIST

I Build Collapsible Mountains is the solo project of Scottish musician Luke G Joyce. Former front man of post-rock band The Gothenburg Address, this new undertaking follows a more subdued affair with Luke returning to his roots as a singer-songwriter..

”His music is what I like to listen to when I’m come home from a mad day’s work. ”To the Dark” is a song I keep on repeat for about six plays then I’m happy to continue with the rest of the album. There is no semblance to this music. It’s sincere and radiates an assuring warmth. ” – The Guardian.

SUPPORT for these two wonderful musicians comes in the form of Aberdeen local artist Ashley Park.

Tickets will be £6 and on sale closer to the event date, so keep you eye out for that!

lots of love,L&F xx

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This is the Kit @ Project Slogan

This is the Kit are one of our favourite bands here at Lost and Found, so when the opportunity arose to put them on a gig in Aberdeen, we jumped and screamed like Take That fans in the 90s, put on all their records and then eventually settled down and emailed them back in a professional manner.

The gig was a sell out. Packed into our favourite independent gallery come coffee shop, Project Slogan, away from the blustery North East wintry weather, we sat like school children at assembly and listened to the simply effortless and flawless vocals of This is the Kit. With minimal percussion and beautiful melodies, they swooned us (as if we needed swooned) and made us feel cosy and giddy inside. Something worth noting also, is lead singer Kate Stables witty banter between songs, keeping the mood of the evening lighthearted and warming to all. Supporting them on the night was the incredible Greg Ashby. Something i really like about music is you never know what you are going to hear, and Greg was just that. His voice was interesting yet beautiful and endearing, and with backing vocals coming from This is the Kit, his set made for the perfect accompaniment to the evenings proceedings. Finally, our local support came in the form of Sarah J Stanley, who was well received as always and complimented the evening beautifully.

We took some photos throughout the night, as well as some videos. Head over to the live @ lost & found page and check out the videos. Photos are below!

Thank you so much to everyone who came, and to This is the Kit, Greg Ashby and Sarah J Stanley for playing. Here’s a sneaky video of This is the Kit from the night. More available on the live @ lost & found page.

L&F love xx

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WE’RE THREE!!! Oh, and Julia Doogan @ Project Slogan

That’s right, this year Lost & Found turned THREE. 3. Threeeee. That’s three whole years of putting on music for the people of Aberdeen. And to celebrate? We put on music!

Julia Doogan came up from Glasgow to play an intimate solo show at Project Slogan. And new boys on the scene, Cameo Colours gave us a stripped back set, and Sarah J Stanley serenaded us too! What a treat! Also the show was a sell out! Double bonus!

As it was our third birthday, we decided to make a giant party ring (of course) and got very drunk and danced to Destiny’s Child all night long.

Here are some photos of people playing guitars and singing.. Oh and of the massive party ring we made!


The End Result

(large pizza box of party ring goodness)






We have some videos from the night which we are still amidst editing. AND we have photos and videos from the This is the Kit gig too which i’ll post about later. 🙂

L&F love


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This is a very exciting time for us at the L&F HQ. We have one of our favourite bands – THIS IS THE KIT, coming to play for us in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be at Project Slogan, and will cost you £8 to get in. There’s only going to be 30 tickets so if i were you, i’d buy them NOW from either PROJECT SLOGAN or ONE UP RECORDS. I cannot actually wait! it’s going to be fantastic!

I hope you can all come enjoy their music with us. You can listen to it below. AND buy their albums in all good record shops (one up).

Lots of love,

L&F xx

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News and Updates..


Just a quick reminder to let you all know that there are still tickets available for the Julia Doogan show at Project Slogan this month. Tickets are available in advance from Project Slogan on Langstane Place (just behind what was Bruce Millers). There will probably still be tickets on the door on the night but it will be a first come first serve situation. Really excited to have Julia play such an intimate show! Not to mention the wonderful Cameo Colours playing their first show in Aberdeen stripped back and acoustic! It’s going to be magical! Have a listen to Julia Doogan’s cover of Katy Perry here –

Next up is some rather exciting news, for those of you who don’t know, we have now confirmed the wonderfully talented and highly acclaimed This is the Kit to play an extremely intimate show at Project Slogan on Monday 24th October. I am a massive fan of their music and if you don’t know what they sound like, here’s a wee link to them –

And FINALLY, if you have either or both of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, you can find us by forward slashing lostandfounduk at the end of it. 🙂

Lots of love,


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coming up: Julia Doogan (solo show) @ Project Slogan

We have a really super special gig coming up for you all to attend next month. Julia Doogan (of Julia and the Doogans) will be coming up to play a stripped back and solo set at the wonderful Project Slogan.  There’s only 30 tickets available so we suggest you buy in advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets available from Project Slogan on Langstane Place. 🙂

Some words :

Julia and the Doogans describe themselves as a pop/folk band from Glasgow. Playing together since 2009, they have raised quite a few heads in the music scenes across Scotland. With a delightful blend of acoustic and orchestral sounds, they manage to create simplistic melodies that accompany Julia’s delicate vocals perfectly.

Receiving airplay from the likes of Vic Galloway on BBC Radio 1, Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music, and featured in music journalist; Jim Gellatly’s ‘top 10 for 2011.’ 

It is undeniable that Julia and her Doogans are making a pretty good name for themselves and it is with great pleasure to announce that on 24th September, Julia Doogan will be coming to play a completely stripped back, solo performance at local art gallery, Project Slogan.

“Julia & The Doogans are set to be a group who are talked about in abundance.”
“Heart warming.” – Glasgow Podcart

“So damn tasty that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.” –

Support for the evening comes from the ever brilliantly talented Sarah J Stanley, and brand new local(ish) band on the scene, Cameo Colours. Who will be doing a stripped back acoustic set specially for us all to enjoy.



lots of love xx

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A Somewhat Belated Post..

There are no excuses for the lateness of this post so let’s just cut to the chase. The wonderful Esperi came up to Aberdeen on 7th June and made lots of noise. Supporting him was Seattle based wonder Daniel G Harmann, and local talents Sarah J Stanley and tomthenoisemonger. It was a really really lovely night that was well received by a’body. I even got a handmade CD case with a dinosaur on it (thanks Halina). I do love dinosaurs.

Starting off the night was the wonderful talent that is tomthenoisemonger. We’d never actually had Tom play at Lost & Found before so it was great to see him receive such a warm reception : ) Next up we had the ever so talented Sarah J Stanley. Testing out her new tenor uke, she made lots of incredible music and swooned the crowd as always. A double headliner saw Daniel G Harmann hit the stage first, giving us beautiful songs about love and life and all that other important stuff.  Finally, finishing off the evening was the superbly talented Chris Lee-Mar aka Esperi. Chris continues to blow my mind every time i see him play. A perfect blend of old songs and brand new ones made me realise how much stronger he is getting with every route he takes. A gentleman and pleasure to work with, he’ll be making an appearance on our stage again before the year is through.

For now, here are some photos of the night…








Thank you to Jenni Marchant for taking photos on the night and to everyone who came along.


L&F love xx

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‘words fail me’ by Chris T-T

Last Monday saw the highly acclaimed Chris T-T hit the L&F stage as part of his ‘Words Fail Me’ tour. Upon arrival to Cellar 35 we were met with a somewhat disfunctional stage. One which, well… It looked like this –



Indeed. I suppose in any other situation, i would have probably freaked out, but you see… For the past year Chris T-T has been taking photographs of every toilet he has visited and is hopefully going to be putting a book together of said toilets. It’s going to be called “a year in loo” and when it is out you should buy it!

Back to the night. Supporting him on the bill was the brilliant Davy Shanks and the beautiful Fiona Keenan. It was a truly great line up and in a packed out Cellar, the evening carried an incredible vibe from start to finish. This couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the wondeful people who came down and showed their support to these fantastic musicians, so thank you.

Here are some photos of how the evening looked 🙂








Thank you to the gorgeous Samantha Glick for taking photos on the night. And again to everyone who came along. Looks like the party rings are still going down a treat! –


Tomorrow evening (Tuesday 7th) we’re back down in Cellar 35 for Esperi + Daniel G Harmann : )


L&F love to you,


Amanda xx

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I asked for a poster, and this is what i got.

Sometimes it’s really great having an artist as a partner. THANKS SARAH.


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Daniel G Harmann + Esperi – Tuesday 7th June

On Tuesday 7th June – check this out!


Once described as “rainy day makeout music,” Daniel G Harmann is just that. To sum up his music, think of it as that time you went to that house party in the middle of nowhere. Where you and your mates were lying on a trampoline at 5am, talking about life, using phrases like, “when this all blows over…” and “when we’re old…” whilst watching the sun rise over fields. That is pretty much Daniel G Harmann. Bloody good really. I cannot actually wait to wipe his merch table clean.

Check his stuff out here –

Welcoming back to the Lost & Found stage, this time as a headliner, we present to you the wonderful Esperi. Esperi is a species of fresh water snail. It is also the name of an exciting musician who is most definitely worth all the attention he’s been receiving of late. Armed with more instruments than your local music shop, you are guaranteed Esperi will dish up some tasty treats for your ears and mind. Imagine early morning walks by the sea on a freshly made Sunday. Before a cheeky pint of IPA in the local of course.

Supporting these wonderful musicians are local favourites –

Sarah J Stanley


I urge you to check everyone out who is playing on this bill. It’s going to be bloody ace!

Cellar 35


L&F love,


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